Heidi’s Issues: She won’t go forward.

In Heidi’s sale videos, when they asked her to move forward, she resisted. She would fling her head up, move sideways, or do a mini buck. She was very resistant to go anywhere. She still is, but we’re working through it.


At first, she would balk at leaving the barn. Rather than get out the lunge whip, I decided to wait it out. I just put steady pressure on the reins or lead rope until she gave in and moved her feet. I wanted her to realize that I’m patient, but persistent. We’re going to go to work so she may as well get on with it. She quit balking about leaving the barn.


But she still balks about moving from the gate out into the pasture where I lunge her. She puts her head up and pulls backward, but I just stand my ground and put steady pressure on the reins until she gives in. Sometimes she paws the ground and then she starts moving forward. The trick is for me to stay put and not move backward toward her. She has to move forward to me and then the pressure goes away. It gets better every day and, once she gets moving, she’s fine. She just tests me to see if she can get out of working.


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