We’re back. 

I started this blog 9 months ago,  then didn’t keep up with it. A lot has happened in 9 months and I want to start recording our progress again.  First, a quick recap:

Heidi was so bad under saddle that I had to completely restart her. There were days when I wondered why I had to choose horses as a hobby. There’s kayaking, yoga, needlepoint, and many other hobbies that aren’t going to get me killed. But nooooo, I had to go buy a project horse with a major rearing issue. She wouldn’t go forward in the arena and if I asked her to, she reared.  She had all the sours; she was barn sour, buddy sour, gate sour, arena sour, you name it.

Rearing like a Lippizaner.
A very unhappy horsey. 

Her one saving grace was that she enjoyed trail riding and did surprisingly well at it. She had to have another horse along, but if she did, she was brave and mellow on the trail, crossed water, went over bridges, just a completely different horse. A happy horse, to be exact. 

I haven’t completely “fixed” her, but she’s a million times better than she was. I can ride her in the arena and she will leave the barn for a trail ride without a fuss now. She hasn’t reared or bucked in months, thank God. More specifics on how we accomplished that in a later post. 

She likes me now. 

I bought her with the intention of flipping her. I wanted to put some work into her and then sell her to a great home. I was hoping to do intro and training level dressage or low hunters and then sell her as an all around amateur or family horse. Well. I fell madly in love with her. I worked my butt off to get her to respect and maybe even like me, and now I’m totally smitten. She’s not going anywhere.
My 2017 New Year’s resolution was to let Heidi be a trail horse if that’s what she’s happy doing. In the past I’ve tried to push horses into molds they didn’t necessarily fit into, and it’s a losing proposition. I decided to let Heidi be Heidi even if that means giving up on showing ever again. She really doesn’t enjoy arena work and she may never enjoy it. In the meantime, I’ve found something I’m hoping we can both enjoy: Endurance!

She likes to swim.

Endurance riding is something I never in a million years thought I would try. I don’t like the tack. (Lol.) No really, I like the pomp and circumstance of horse shows and endurance is anything goes. But the more I learn about endurance, the more intrigued I am. So this blog will become my journal for the journey into endurance!


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