I’m a goal setter. I like having something I’m working toward. In the past, it was always a show but, now that I’m getting into endurance, the goals have changed. 

I really have only one goal: to finish a ride with a completion and have a sound, happy and well-behaved horse all through the ride.  The well-behaved part might be difficult. 

Our first off property ride. She was a champ.

If you read my previous posts, you know that Heidi has… opinions. Heidi wants to do what Heidi wants to do, and she doesn’t totally trust me yet, although we have made massive progress. If I’m going to meet my goal, I have to put Heidi in a bunch of different situations to find out what I need to work on BEFORE the ride. 
First, let’s list the things Heidi is good at…

1. She trailer loads like a dream. 

2. She’s cool about camping. We camped with a high line once last year and had zero problems. She was only with one other horse though and I know ride camp is a different animal. But at least we’ve got a good start. 

3. She’s mellow on the trail. She’s not a hot, spooky type of horse.

My herd- Donkey, Heidi and Baron

Now for the unknowns….
1. She’s only trail ridden with one other horse since I’ve had her. She did some trail rides with the people I bought her from and did well, but before that she sat in a field for 2 years. I don’t know how she will react to horses everywhere, passing her, zipping past, etc… or how she will be if we get separated from our buddies and have to continue alone. I’m planning some off property rides with friends to see how these scenarios play out. 

2. She is barn sour and sometimes she tries to turn around and go “home,” wherever home is for her. If we’re off property, the trailer becomes home. I could see her having an issue leaving again after a vet check. 

3. She’s also buddy sour. She’s getting better about leaving her friend on the trail and going up ahead or hanging back for a while, but who knows how she will be at a ride with so many other horses? 

I have high hopes for her. We’re just plugging away at this, solving one problem at at time. 


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