Teeny tiny training ride…

I don’t always have time for a long ride so sometimes we just get in two or three miles real quick. I mentioned that I had one really bad ride on Heidi where she was not listening and being super disrespectful. One of her bad habits is trying to graze constantly. I don’t mean here and there; I mean she will stop dead in her tracks and drop her head to start snacking. I flew right over her head one day when she pulled that crap while trotting down a big hill. Not cool, Heidi! 

I’ve ridden her in a bit the past couple times to try and get a handle on the grazing. She’s got to learn that the trail isn’t one big smorgasbord of snacks. It really only took one ride of getting popped in the mouth for her to realize she is not allowed to graze while she’s working. 

I know that you want an endurance horse to be able to eat on the trail, but not like Heidi does it. I need to be the one who offers her a snack. She can’t be totally out of control about the grass. 

Playing at the lake

My little 3 mile ride on Saturday was a big improvement in the grazing department. She didn’t even try it! She was a pill about other things, but at least I can cross grazing off the list of problems. For now, anyway. Owning Heidi is like playing wack-a-mole. I solve one problem and another pops up. 


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