The herd…

I’m really lucky to be able to have more than one horse. I have an amazing boarding situation that is much cheaper than average and that allows me to have 3 equines of my own and one foster pony. Right now my herd is my two horses, my daughter’s mini donkey and one mini that we’re fostering. Before the mini I had a quarter horse mare for about a month until she got adopted. 

Baron, my first horse and the sweetest, best horse in the world. When Heidi is awful, I’m thankful for Baron.
The Heidi Monster
My daughter and Star, the mini donk.
Stanley, the mini I’m fostering
Baron and my friend who is riding him these days.

I absolutely love fostering. I get a new horse or pony every so often and I get to work with them and market them to find them homes. As long as my current boarding situation continues, I’ll continue to foster. 

Spirit, the first horse I ever fostered.

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