Heidi won a prize! 

I took my little foster pony to an obstacle challenge today and at the last minute I decided to take Heidi along. I figured it would be good for her to be out and about with other horses and we could use the obstacle course as a training opportunity. I’ve been practicing a ton with Stanley, the foster pony, but I haven’t worked on that stuff with Heidi all winter. Here is the sucky part… I have no pictures of Heidi on course because my daughter didn’t take any. So you can see Stanley the rescue pony instead. 

Stanley rocked it and I knew I had to be placed near the top because he was that great. When I went in with Heidi, I thought I would see what she could do but not stress about it. With Stanley I was competing to win; with Heidi I was using it  as training. We went to one obstacle course last fall and came in last out of 11. 

But Heidi surprised me today! She was super chill and willing! She crosses obstacles with no problem, like a tarp or a log, but in the past it was hard to get her to step up onto anything. Today I got her up on the pedestal and a little bridge. Any cooperation from her thrills me to pieces because she can be so incredibly resistant. 

When they announced winners, Stanley got 2nd place out of 12. I didn’t stick around to hear the rest because it was blazing hot and my daughter was bored and ready to head home. On my way out of the event, a lady stopped me and said, “Did you get your other prize?” I didn’t know what she meant and she said, “Your other horse won 5th place!”

Heidi got 5th place out of 12! I was stunned! They did prizes instead of ribbons and I got a set of reins and a hay bag. I can’t tell you how stoked I am that she won something. It’s been a hard road with her and the fact that we’re trailering off, trying new things and doing them well just tickles me pink! 


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