Go anywhere, do anything…

I like a horse I can hop on and do anything with. Ride bareback through the pasture, go for a swim in the lake, trail ride, do a fun show, you get the idea. I’m an amateur just looking to have fun so versatility and safety are key. Heidi is getting more and more versatile. 

She used to be so weird about being ridden. I never knew how she would react to things. She’s super barn sour and I still have a lot of trouble riding her out alone, but I’ve been working on getting her more confident about it just being the two of us. A couple months ago, I walked her about a half mile down to the lake then hopped on bareback and planned to ride her back to the barn. Ha ha. Nope. She got so spazzy, I got off. She was nervous and unsure about doing something that differed from the routine and about having no other horses around for confidence. 

Tonight I tried again. I walked her down to the lake in a halter and lead rope and used a park bench to hop on bareback. I let her walk back to the barn and she was totally fine! She was not concerned at all. It felt so good to be riding my horse totally relaxed and happy, just the two of us, on a beautiful evening. It’s a simple thing, but simple things feel like big victories with her. 


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