I’ve had what I consider bad luck with horse shows and horse events. My first horse, Baron, is talented and beautiful, but also ridiculously accident prone. I used to get all excited about a show, we would prepare, everything would be going along perfectly, and BOOM! Life threatening accident that requires 6 months off and a year of rehab. This happened multiple times to me, and it made me very hesitant to even set goals for fear of being disappointed. Why get all excited when something terrible always happens? 

I’m realizing that’s a bit of a cowardly way to approach life. So what if everything isn’t perfect and I get knocked down? So what if life throws me a few curveballs on the way to my goal? I’ve can’t be afraid to set goals and go after them. Every horse isn’t Baron, and I’m not cursed, even though it used to feel like that. 

I’ve been wishy washy about this endurance thing with Heidi. Can I really do this? Can she really do this? What if she gets hurt? What if I drive 3 hours, pay my money and she can’t even handle the first ten miles? What if the whole thing is a disaster? I’ve been hesitant to even set a goal for a specific ride because I’m so afraid of jinxing it. Well, no more! 

Lots of people are doing this sport successfully! Why not me? I can set the goal, work toward it and see what happens. I may fail, but I know I’ll regret not even trying. 

I’ve set the goal to do 25 miles at Raptor Run in November. I love fall camping, it’s supposed to be a pretty ride, and it gives me plenty of time to condition. I can do this! Heidi can do this! We can do endurance!


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