Decisions, decisions…

No sooner do I join the AERC than I start second guessing my desire to do endurance. I want to do endurance, real bad, but I also love fostering horses for my local rescue. I can’t afford to do both, and I have to choose. 

I had a mini all lined up to foster. He wasn’t at a rescue; a friend of mine bailed him out of the Bastrop, Louisiana kill pen and he’s at her house. He’s just about totally wild and she thought she’d like to have me train him and try to find him a home. When it came time to pick him up, she couldn’t part with him. No hard feelings on either end. It just wasn’t meant to be. 

I wanted to foster a mini because they’re cheaper to feed, but I’ve been offered a big appaloosa gelding to foster by the rescue. I really want to do it but, if I do, endurance is out. I can’t afford allllll the things. 

I’m leaning toward spending my money on fostering. The appaloosa is 7 and has never been ridden. He needs a home, but he needs some training first. I have never enjoyed anything in my life more than I’ve enjoyed fostering. It is the most rewarding thing. Each horse has something to teach me and I have so much to learn. I’ve never broken a horse to ride and I’d need some help, but boy do I want to try! 

I also would like to finally pick a discipline and stick with it. Endurance feels like I finally found my tribe, my niche, my place in the sport horse world. But maybe my place is fostering and finding homes for homeless horses. 

I need to figure out what I want to do…


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