I fostered the horse…

I just couldn’t resist. I fostered the horse.  His name is Choctaw and he’s a 7 year old appaloosa gelding that has been in a pasture his whole life and knows almost nothing as far as manners, personal space, etc… He’s never been ridden. But he’s sweet. Very sweet. And he needs a home. I can help him find one. 

At the rescue. He’s so skinny. 

He is a varnish roan appaloosa and he’s little, 14.2 I believe, which makes him technically a pony. I happen to love ponies. Maybe he’s a future endurance pony. We’ll see!

Poor little dude needs some groceries. 

I brought him home yesterday and let him get settled in. Today I did a tiny bit of groundwork with him just to see what he knows. Nothing. He knows almost nothing. Like every horse, he can read my body language and figure out that I’m asking him to move over or back up, but I can tell it’s all foreign to him. He’s happy to comply but it’s all new. He leads well and he’s easy to catch and halter, which makes my life so much easier. My first foster horse was almost impossible to catch! 

Cantering around when I first brought him home. 

He is very vocal and whinnies to greet me and he enjoys being groomed and petted. He let me fly spray him and touch him all over. When I realized how mellow he is, I decided to put a saddle pad on him just to see his reaction. When he didn’t protest, I went ahead and put the saddle on and he was fine with it. Couldn’t care less. 

He looks pretty good in English tack!

I wouldn’t even think of trying to ride him until he gains a significant amount of weight, but at least he was chill about the saddle. You never know with rescues what their issues are until you trigger something and get a reaction. 

I’m going to keep conditioning Heidi and trying to get her fit for a 25 mile ride. I’m just a sucker for a rescue and I thought I could help little Choctaw find a job and a home!


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